FMCG Training Solutions was established in 2009 with the guiding hand, fortitude, tenacity and passion of Wayne van Rensburg. Initially, it started off servicing a handful of clients but has since grown exponentially over the past decade, building and retaining long-lasting relationships with companies in the food industry. Wayne built FMCG Training Solutions into the successful training solutions provider it is today and strives for excellence in the training we provide for our clients. FMCG Training Solutions is passionate about upskilling and educating our clients' employees enabling them to add value to the company’s operations.

Although we have a strong dairy training footprint, we also offer many qualifications transferable within the food and beverage industry. These include food packaging, food production, stores and warehousing, production technology, winemaking and generic management.

Our vision is to deliver value-added training to our customers and ensuring return on investments. We are currently the preferred provider of dairy training to most milk processors in the industry and have fostered long-lasting relationships with our clients, by implementing various qualifications over time.

It is our mission to create a learning environment that fosters and encourages an environment for continuous learning and development, which is driven by the needs of our clients and individuals to unlock human and operational potential.

We service South Africa and have expanded into Africa offering dairy training in Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique, to name a few.

Why choose FMCG Training Solutions as your preferred training provider?

  • We offer accredited training interventions that include Learnerships and Skills Programmes.
  • We offer a specialised approach to training, tailor-made for your company.
  • We provide on-site training facilitators and public classes.
  • Our trainers are qualified facilitators in their individual fields.
  • We pride ourselves on executing and managing the process for our clients, enabling them to focus on what they do best and allowing us to focus on what we do best.


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